Digital Blue-green Algae Sensor

1) Wide Blue-green Algae range: 100—2,000,000cells/mL
2) No need for extraction or other treatment
3) Quickly measurement, avoid the effects that water sample stay long time
4) Digital sensor,Strong anti-interference ability and long transmission distance
5) The Blue-green Algae sensor is easy to install on site.
5) Directly with standard RS485 MODBUS

Product Details

The Aumeascon’ digital online blue-green algae sensor utilizes the characteristic that the cyanobacteria has an absorption peak and an emission peak in the spectrum, and emits a specific wavelength of monochromatic light to illuminate the water, and the cyanobacteria in the water absorbs the energy of the monochromatic light, releasing a single wavelength single. In shades of light, the light intensity emitted by cyanobacteria is directly proportional to the amount of cyanobacteria in the water. Widely used for Pipe inlet of drinking water plant,water source site,aquaculture,surface water,Landscape water,sea water.

Technical Specification

Model AM-D-BAG Digital Blue-green Algae Sensor
Range 100—2,000,000cells/mL
Accuracy 5%
Working pressure ≤0.4Mpa
Calibration Deviation calibration,Slope calibration
Using condition Turbidity less 50NTU,

it’s recommended to measure multi-points

if  the distribution of blue-green algae in water is very uneven

Sensor material Sensor body:SUS316L + PVC(standard),

SUS316L with Titanium plating + PVC(sea water);

O Ring: fluororubber;


Power 12VDC
Storage temperature -15~65℃
Working temperature 0~45℃
Dimension Diameter37mm*length 220mm
Protection IP68
Cable length Standard 10 meters,it can be extended to 100 meters

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