Thermal Flow Switch

1) Range 1…150cm/s(water ),3…300cm/s(oil),20…2000cm/s(air ).
2) Signal output:PNP,NPN, Relay Normally Open + Normally Closed (SPDT)
3) Power supply:24V±20%DC or 230V±15%AC


Pneumatic and hydraulic dual purpose, low flow rate alarm, can be used for pneumatic and hydraulic systems, can be used for circulating water, cutting fluid and lubricating oil cut-off detection, and pump idling protection.

Product Details

Based on the thermal principle, the sealed probe contains two resistors, one of which is not heated as the detection resistor, the other is not heated as the reference resistor. When the medium flows, the heat on the heating resistor is taken away, the resistance value is changed, and the difference between the two resistors is used as the basis to judge the flow rate. No moving parts, maintenance-free, easy installation, one model is suitable for a variety of pipe diameter requirements, switching continuously adjustable, extremely low pressure loss, compact structure, LED display flow trend and switch status. Most of the components are imported to improve the stability of the products.

Technical Specification

Model AM-FS10B Flow Switch
Setting range 1. ..150cm/s(water ) ,


20…2000cm/s(air )

Signal output PNP,NPN, Relay Normally Open +

Normally Closed (SPDT)

Power supply 24V±20%DC or 230V±15%AC
Current Max. 400mA(PNP or NPN type)

Maximum 1A@48V (relay type)

No-load current Max. 80mA
Flow indicator: LED row (6)
Setting mode Potentiometer setting
Voltage range 100bar
Temperature gradient ≤4°C/S
Response time 1-13s, typical 2s
Initialization time About 8s
Electrical protection: Reverse phase, short circuit, overload protection
Protection grade IP67
Medium temperature -20-80°C
 Ambient temperature -20-80°C
Storage temperature -20-100°C
Wiring mode M12 connector/optional with 2 meters wire directly Material
Material Probe: stainless steel  ;   Shell: PBT

Selection Table

FS10B- G2H A 3 1 X A 30 specification
FS10B-               AM-FS10B series electronic flow switch
  M1K             Interface thread M18*1.5 internal thread With the installation accessories, it is

convenient to rotate and adjust the

  G2H             Interface thread G1/2 female thread
  G4H             Interface thread G1/4 male thread
  K5             Chuck connection (outside diameter


                Custom threads, such as NPT1/2, type N12
    A           DC DC24V±20% power supply
    B           AC AC230V±15% power supply
      1         PNPoutput
      2         NPNoutput
      3         relay output
        1       Normally open + normally closed output
          X     Probe material: 304 stainless steel
          XL     Probe material: 316L stainless steel
            A   Connector type (standard with 2 meters of
            B   Straight out
              30 Probe rod length unit mm (including thread)
              L Customized probe rod length unit mm
* The factory is standard equipped with electrical accessories M12 connector type ZL05-PU02FG

* Select M18*1.5 internal thread installation mode, please pay attention to the selection of installation accessories

* Customizable thread, H for external thread, K for internal thread

* For selection of electrical accessories and installation accessories, please refer to the appendix page on page –

* The selection table is only available for parameter selection, and the corresponding code is delivered.

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