Ultrasonic Sludge Level Meter

1) Wide range for option: 5m, 10m, 15m (customized for other range).
2) Multi-output:4-20mA and RS485 together.
3) Reliable: Sensor provides accurate and continuous measurement of interface level or range.
3) Safe: Real-time interface information ensures quick control of valves and actators.
4) Easy: Simple commissioning thanks to predefined calculation models.
5) Cost-saving: Automatic wiper cleaning function enables long-term, maintenance-free operation.
6) Intelligent: All calibration and sensor-specific data stored in the sensor.
7) Flexible: Mounting hardware suits all clarifier designs for optimal adaption to the measuring task
8) Contactless measurement: No contact between probe and sludge during the measurement process.

Product Details

AM-USM Ultrasonic sludge level sensors and transmitters help you to pump sludge, not water. They continuously monitor the separation and transition zones of the clarification and settling phases, so that you can operate your process efficiently. Typical installations are at the primary and secondary clarifier of wastewater treatment plants to measure sludge level / sludge blanket level.

Aumeascon’s AM-USM continuously monitors the separation and transition zones in clarification and settling tanks, ensuring safe, economic and efficient sedimentation processes. It provides you with reliable, real-time measured values in real-time for quick control of valves and actuators. AM-USM is ideal sensor for every measuring task – from protection of downstream water in wastewater treatment plants to optimization of backwash times in waterworks.

Technical Parameters

Model AM-USM Ultrasonic Sludge Level Meter
Range 5m, 10m, 15m (Can be Customized)
Accuracy 1%
Resolution 1 mm
Display English LED
Analog Output 4~20mA
Communication RS485
Relay Output Two group of Single Channel

AC 250V/ 8A or DC 30V/ 5A

Power supply 220VDC
Temperature Transmitter : -20~+60℃,
Humility 45%RH-75%RH
Blind Area 0.3~0.6 m (depending on the range)
Cable Sensor Standard 10m, the longest is 100m
Protection Grade Transmitter: IP65, Sensor: IP68
Relay 2 ways relay

Mainly Application

AM-USM is an online ultrasonic interface level meter for:

Wastewater treatment plants Solid sedimentation measurement
Drinking and process water Solid sedimentation measurement,

Filter monitoring and filter backwash

Level measurement in marble chip tanks

Utilities of all industries Static separation processes

Reuse of process water

Product separation

Flotation processes

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