Digital Online Ion Sensor


1) Ion sensor for F-,Cl-,Ca2+,NO3-,NH4+,K+,NH3,CO2,Mg2+ etc
2) Standard RS485 Modbus.
3) Maximum transmission distance 500 meters.
4) Independent chip, anti-interference, strong stability.
5) Ion membrane can be changed to save maintenance cost.

Product Details

AM-D-ION is a digital ion sensor with RS485 communication and standard Modbus protocol. Housing material is corrosion-resistant (PPS+POM), IP68 protection, suitable for most water quality monitoring environments;This online ion sensor uses an industrial-grade composite electrode, the reference electrode double salt bridge design and have longer working life;Built-in temperature sensor and compensation algorithm, high precision; It has been widely used in domestic and foreign scientific research institutions, chemical production, agricultural fertilizer, and organic wastewater industries. It is used for the detection of general sewage, waste water and surface water. It can be installed in sink or flow tank.

Technical specification

Model AM-D-ION Digital Ion Sensor
Ions type F,Cl,Ca2+,NO3,NH4+,K+,NH3,CO2,Mg 2+
Range See below sensor table
Power 12V (customized for 5V,24VDC)
Slope 52~59mV/22~29 (25℃)
Accuracy <±2% 25℃
Response time <60s (90% right value)
Communication Standard RS485 Modbus
Temperature compensation PT1000
Dimension D:30mm L:250mm, cable:3meters(it can be extended)
Working environment 0~40℃ , 0~2bar


Ion Sensor Specification

Ion Formula Membrane Range @








Reference Ion
Potassium ion K+ PVC 0.04~ 39000 2-12 0~40 0-1Bar Cs+,NH4+
Ammonium ion NH4+ PVC 0.02~ 18000 4-10 0~40 0-1Bar K+
Calcium ion Ca2+ PVC 0.02~ 40000 4-10 0~40 0-1Bar Pb2+,Hg2+,Fe2+,


Nitrite NO2 PVC 0.05~460 4-9 0~40 0-1Bar NO3-, Cl-

(need compensation)

Nitrate NO3 PVC 0.4 ~63000 2-12 0~40 0-1Bar CIO4-,I-,CIO3-,F-
Fluoride ion F Solid 0.02~saturation 5-8 0~80 0-3Bar OH-
Chloride Cl Solid 1.8 ~35500 2-12 0~80 0-3Bar CN-,Br,I-,S2-
Ammonia NH3 PTFE 0.02~ 17000 >11 0~50 0-1Bar Few, volatile amines
Carbon dioxide


CO2 PTFE 4.4 ~ 440 4.8-5.2 0~50 0-1Bar Volatile weak acid
Magnesium ion Mg2+ PVC 0.04~40000 4-9 0~40 0-1Bar Cu2+,Pb2+,Hg2+,Ni2+


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