Digital Ammonia Nitrogen Sensor

1) NH3-N:0.1-1000 mg/L K+:0.5-1000 mg/L (Optional);pH:5-10,Temperature:0-40℃
2) Ammonia nitrogen measured directly without reagent cost.
3) Optional potassium(K+) measurement compensates for cross sensitivities and ensures reliable measuring results.
4) Digital RS485 sensor, strong anti-interference ability, long transmission distance.
5) Reverse polarity protection of ammonia nitrogen sensor power.


It is widely used to measure the value of ammonia nitrogen in the nitrification treatment and aeration tanks of the sewage treatment plants, industrial engineering as well as river water.

Product Details

The AM-D-NH3N is digital online ammonia nitrogen sensor and with RS485 Modbus,it measure the ammonia nitrogen concentration by an ion selective electrode method. The ammonia ion selective electrode directly detects the ammonia ion in the water environment to determine the concentration of ammonia nitrogen. Use a pH electrode as a reference electrode for better stability. The concentration of ammonia nitrogen in the measurement process is easily interfered by potassium ions, so potassium ion compensation is required.
The digital ammonia nitrogen sensor is an integrated sensor that is composed of ammonia ion selective electrode, potassium ion (optional), pH electrode and temperature electrode. These parameters can mutually correct and compensate the measured value of ammonia nitrogen, and meanwhile achieve the measurement for multiple parameters.

Technical specification

Model AM-D-NH3N Digital Ammonia Nitrogen Sensor
Measurement Range NH3-N:0.1-1000 mg/L

K+:0.5-1000 mg/L (Optional)



Resolution NH3-N:0.01 mg/l

K+:0.01 mg/l(Optional)



Measurement Accuracy NH3-N:±5 % or or ± 0.2 mg/L

K+:±5 % of the measured value or ±0.2 mg/L (Optional)


pH:±0.1 pH

Response Time ≤2 minutes
Minimum Detection Limit 0.2mg/L
Communication Protocol MODBUS  RS485
Storage Temperature -15 to 50℃ (Non-frozen)
Working Temperature 0 to 45℃(Non-frozen)
Dimension size 55mm×340mm(Diameter*Length)
Level of Protection IP68/NEMA6P;
Length of Cable Standard 10-meter long cable,

which can be extended to 100 meters

Outer Dimension:

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