Inductive conductivity sensor

1) Wide Measuring Range : 0~2000ms/cm, temperature is up to 180℃.
2) Low Maintenance Design.
3) Withstands Harsh Environments.
4) Long life under harsh industrial conditions
5) Versatile Mounting Styles.
6) Accuracy in fouling, coating, and corrosion.

Product Details

Inductive conductivity measurements from Inductive conductivity sensors (also called toroidal sensors) are used in applications that are susceptible to high fouling/coating, metal corrosion, high conductivity, and percent concentration due to the fact that their sensing elements (electrode coils) don’t come into direct contact with the process. These two matched (identical) coils are encapsulated in PP, PFA or PEEK protecting them from the adverse effects of the process, making them suitable for the following applications:
High conductivity
Fouling /coating (dirty applications)
Percent concentration (e.g. brine, cleaning solutions)
Processes susceptible to metal corrosion
Clean-in-Place (CIP), etc.

Technical Features

Wide Measuring Range : Aumeascon’s Inductive Conductivity Sensors measure range is up to 2,000,000 microSiemens/cm. A built-in PT1000 resistance temperature detector (RTD) compensates the measured conductivity for changes in process temperature, max temperature is up to 180℃.

Low Maintenance Design : The inductive conductivity sensor design eliminates polarization and electrode coating problems that commonly affect conventional contacting electrode-type conductivity sensors.

Withstands Harsh Environments : The inductive conductivity sensor is available in sanitary (CIP) flange style and convertible styles in PFA, polypropylene(PP) and PEEK material. Selected sensors can withstand high pressures and temperatures.

Long life under harsh industrial conditions : Constructed with erosion and abrasion-resistant PEEK (Poly Ether Ether Ketone), the AM-D-ICS has excellent chemical resistance in all solutions with the exceptions of fluoric acid or oxidizing concentrated acids. For stronger chemical resistance, PFA (Teflon) material is available for applications in hydrofluoric acid and oxidizing concentrated acids (e.g. nitric, sulfuric, oleum).

Versatile Mounting Styles : Sensors can be installed using different mounting styles – immersion, insertion, union, and sanitary.

Accuracy in fouling, coating, and corrosion : The AM-D-ICS has an accuracy of 1% of reading for any conductivity value (whether measured in rinse water or in concentrated acids).

Technical Specification

Model AM-D-ICS Inductive conductivity sensor
Type Inductive
Cell constant K=1.98cm-1
Measuring range 2μS/cm-2000 mS/cm
Resolution 0.1us/cm
Measurement accuracy <measured value±1%
Response time <2s
Repeatability <±2%
Communication Interface RS485
Working environment Pressure :0-21Bar
Operating Voltage 7-25VDC
Power consumption ≤0.2W

AM-D-ICS Inductive Conductivity Sensor Material Option

Material Working temperature
PP -10-50℃ or -10-90℃
PFA -20-50℃ or -20-120℃
PEEK -20-50℃ or -20-180℃

Mainly Application

Industry Application
Metals Finishing and Mining Plating bath monitoring

Alkaline/caustic wash

Rinse water

Pickling processes

Metals recovery

Copper floatation


Chemicals and Refining Acid production

Caustic production





Moisture detection



Oil well drilling mud

Leak detection


Spill detection

Food and Beverage Brine concentration


Cheese production

Caustic peeling

Pickle making

CIP applications

Rinse water control

Sugar carbonation

Pulp and Paper White, black and green liquor

Stock washing

Washand cooking liquor control


Spill detection

Textile Manufacturing Rinse water

Dye baths



Acid washing

Carbonizing and scouring baths

Natural Waters, Lakes, Streams, and Sea Water Water pollution monitoring

Salt intrusion


Clean Water Treatment Ion exchange regeneration

Reverse osmosis concentrate monitoring Softener regeneration

Acid/caustic concentration control

Wastewater Treatment Acid/caustic concentration control

Spill detection

Steam Generation Boiler blowdown

Flue gas scrubbers

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