Digital Chlorophyll A Sensor

1) Wide chlorophyll A range: 0-500 ug/L.
2) No need for extraction or other treatment.
3) Quickly measurement, avoid the effects that water sample stay long time.
4) Digital sensor,Strong anti-interference ability and long transmission distance.
5) The Blue-green Algae sensor is easy to install on site.
5) Directly with standard RS485 MODBUS.

Product Details

The Aumeascon’s digital chlorophyll A sensor uses the characteristic that chlorophyll A has absorption peaks and emission peaks in the spectrum. It emits monochromatic light of a specific wavelength and irradiates water. The chlorophyll A in water absorbs the energy of the monochromatic light and releases a monochromatic light of another wavelength Color light, the intensity of light emitted by chlorophyll A is proportional to the content of chlorophyll A in water. It’s widely used for online monitoring of chlorophyll A in water plant imports, drinking water sources, aquaculture, etc ; online monitoring of chlorophyll A in different water bodies such as surface water, landscape water, and seawater.

Technical Specification

Model AM-D-CHL Digital Chlorophyll A Sensor
Measuring range 0-500 ug/L chlorophyll A
Accuracy ±5%
Repeatability ±3%
Resolution 0.01 ug/L
Pressure range ≤0.4Mpa
Calibration Deviation calibration, Slope calibration
Material SS316L (Ordinary ) ;Titanium Alloy (Seawater )
Power 12VDC
Protocol MODBUS  RS485
Storage Temp -15~50℃
Operating Temp 0~45℃
Size 37mm*220mm(Diameter*length)
Protection class IP68
cable length Standard 10m, can be extended to 100m

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