The construction content of a sewage treatment project in Indonesia city includes the laying of 86.56 kilometers of sewage collection backbone pipelines, 5,107 new sewage inspection wells of various types, and 17 new sewage lifting pumping stations. The construction content of this project mainly includes the construction of urban sewage pipe network, septic tanks, sewage treatment stations, etc.

Project scope: In order to eliminate black and smelly water bodies in the city and improve the urban living environment, this project is mainly used to collect sewage drainage pipelines and sewage treatment facilities for a total of 104 villages in 7 towns in a certain district in Indonesia, involving a total of 49,833 households. The population is 169,653.

Project construction content and scale: 1. The sewage treatment station project will build a total of 92 new sewage treatment stations in 7 towns and 104 administrative villages, with a daily sewage treatment capacity of 12,750m³. Treatment station sizes include 30 m³/d, 50 m³/d, 80 m³/d, 100 m³/d, 150 m³/d, 200 m³/d, 300 m³/d, 500 m³/d, etc. The treated water from the project’s sewage treatment station is used for conservation and irrigation of nearby woodlands and green spaces, and a total of 12,150 meters of woodland conservation water diversion channels have been built.

The total length of new pipelines in the urban sewage pipe network project is 1,111 kilometers, including 471,289 meters of new DN200 pipelines, 380,765 meters of DN300 pipelines, and 15,705 meters of DN400 pipelines; 243,010 meters of branch De110 pipes; 44,053 inspection wells; and 168 sewage pump wells. (All the above construction contents are ultimately subject to the final drawings approved by the planning department). 3. The septic tank project will build a total of 49,833 new septic tanks in 7 towns and 104 administrative villages.

Aumeascon provides multiple sets of online automatic monitoring at multiple points for this phase of the project to ensure worry-free operation of the urban sewage station and comprehensive discharge of water pollutants that meet standards. Ensure the quality of agricultural water, monitor water quality changes online in real time, and conduct all-round monitoring and control through water quality monitoring and control functions to ensure stable and reliable water quality, save resources, reduce costs, and truly realize the concept of “smart processing, sustainable development” .

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