Waste water quality monitoring in steel factory

According to the 2018 version of Shanghai local standards for comprehensive sewage discharge standards (DB31/199-2018), the wastewater outlet of a power plant of Baosteel Co., Ltd. is a sensitive water area. The ammonia nitrogen implementation standard has been reduced from 10mg/L to 1.5mg/L, and the COD implementation standard From 100mg/L to 50mg/L.

Accident pool area: There are 2 accident pools in this area, and a new online automatic ammonia nitrogen monitoring analyzer is added to realize online monitoring of ammonia nitrogen indicators in the accident pool.At the same time, a new sodium hypochlorite dosing pump was added, connected to the existing sodium hypochlorite tank, and interlocked with the ammonia nitrogen online automatic monitoring device to achieve automatic and precise dosing control of the two accident pools.

In the first-phase drainage treatment system area of the chemical water treatment station: the clarifier, B1 waste water tank, B3 waste water tank, B4 waste water tank and B5 tank of the first-phase drainage treatment system have newly added ammonia nitrogen online automatic monitoring devices, which are linked to the sodium hypochlorite dosing pump respectively. Realize automatic control of drainage treatment and dosing.

The wastewater outlet of the Shanghai Power Plant is equipped with a Aumeascon’s ammonia nitrogen sensor, COD sensor, pH sensor, suspended solids sensor, pH sensor, and conductivity sensor ,electromagnetic flow meter ,pretreatment device. In order to achieve the discharge of sewage up to the standard under the new standards, the wastewater treatment system has been optimized and transformed. Achieve the treatment of ammonia nitrogen and organic matter in wastewater to meet the discharge standards, ensure that wastewater is disposed of in a timely and effective manner, and reduce the environmental risks of excessive wastewater discharge from power plants.

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